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Big enough to meet your needs,

yet small enough to be flexible and easy to work with

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We have a broad experience in the production of educational documentaries and multimedia projects as well as short-form videos for advocacy and branding

We work across a variety of sectors and businesses producing a wide range of animated content

We collaborate with a team of creative people, who share our passion for filmmaking and animation


Our training “How to make a video with your smartphone”® was created to help ONG’s activists in realizing low budget videos with professional quality 


We create 360 video content that can be uploaded on social media, but can be a standalone presentation using an app on a smart device or VR headset for ultimate immersion. 

Often called VR video, 360 videos can give your brand better exposure to a growing, technically savvy audience


We combine strong technical skills and creativity to realize beautiful visuals and great films

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